Love overpowered

Behold! The power of love! the young lover said. And did indeed demonstrate the power of love, beyond the bounds of what any sane person would consider reasonable doubt. It was Seen, it was Beheld, it was Understood.

Peripeteia is a good starting point.

As it was understood, it was put into systematic use. The power of love could heal all wounds, and thus, only true lovers were allowed to be soldiers, to cut cost. The power of love could overcome every obstacle, and the mining industry had a few lucrative things to say about that. The power of love could traverse space and time, which soon made the NSA acutely obsolete. The power of love could turn friends into enemies, and not a few neoliberals saw the potential political and market exploits inherent in this fact.

The young lover didn’t ask for this. And the anagnorisis was brutal.

All is fair in love and war. Even mutilated literary tropes.

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