The Implications

You’ve got mail!

The sound of a phone buzzing in the next room.

A door opening.

Footsteps heard in the distance.

The number of notifications going up by one.

A gentle tap on the windowpane.

A sudden pause in a conversation.

A computer freezing for that split second.

That text that took just that moment too long to arrive.

The sudden new word taken from a specific context.

That moment of recognition before moving along.

An unopened envelope.

A cat. At all times.

The subtle shifting of small objects.

That moment when someone walks up on stage.

Special news reports.



New haircuts.



One – just the one – misspellt word.

Plants beating through concrete.


Morning air.

Evening breezes.

A familiar accent.

That one word.

A book, left open on a page.


Policy documents.


Logged in at



Look upon my words, ye mighty, and despair.


There should be something.

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