An ime

Thunder roared in the distance. It didn’t do the gentle distant thundering that an ordinary thunder would. It roared, with an intensity that made even the immortal souls feel the eternal smallness of being. The rain drizzled down on the soon-to-be battlefield, steaming the demons of Hell as they gathered on the one side. On the other, the solemn angels of Heaven stood in perfect formation, silent, waiting.

This was the day. The foretold day. The day that would determine all the days to come, being the end of days.

Silence, rain and thunder reigned supreme over the scene. Then, as one, the hordes of Hell and the angels of Heaven drew their swords, and as one the two sides took a first step towards each other.

The end is indeed nigh.

[fade out, new scene]

A high school. Two teenagers, both madly in love with each other, but barely able to communicate, stand in a school yard. Awkwardly, as only teenagers in love can awkward.

This. This is the day, the one day that is going to determine all the days to come. The day she would ask him out. The end of days of waiting.

Slowly, ever so slowly, her hand approaches his. And slowly, ever so slowly, his hand approaches right back. Awkwardly.

Little did she know of what fate had in store for her.

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