More longer sky

“No! This is not true, and I’m not hearing any of it!” she roared, and left the office, door slamming.

“I’m sorry. She-” he began.

“You are right to be sorry” the doctor said. “But not for the reason you just began expressing. Not for her. With her.”

“But she-“

“She did. And I would too, with these results. You see them, I see them. They are clear as day. But humans are not made to take in such things. It is something that must grow with time, in time.”

“But we-“

“You have time. Not a lot of it, but you have time. It is all you have at this point.”

“But what if she won’t accept these results? What if she-“

“That happens sometimes. It is something you will have to live with.”


“Sometimes, the best way to live in the present is to prepare for a future you will not have.”

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