Uncreative writing

This is the opening sentence. This is the second sentence, explaining why the first sentence is relevant. This is the third sentence, essentially repeating the second sentence but in other words. This is the fourth sentence, expounding further on the first sentence. This sentence closes the first paragraph, restating the opening sentence to firmly hook it as an important thing to have said.

This is the opening sentence of the second paragraph, giving some much needed background information regarding the first paragraph. This sentence, and the following sentences, goes through the same motions as their counterparts in the first paragraph, expounding and expanding on the opening sentence. This closing sentence then summarizes this paragraph.

This opening sentence moves things along by formulating some aspect that follows from the first paragraph. The rest of this paragraph follows the established pattern from the two previous paragraphs.

Paragraph four goes through additional implications brought forth by the third paragraph, and follows the pattern.

Paragraph five to how many you need follows the same pattern, opening with a portal sentence and supporting it with additional sentences. One paragraph at a time, gradually adding up to a whole that conveys what the reader needs to know in order to understand the opening sentence of the first paragraph. All the while, the closing sentences summarizes the local paragraph.

The last paragraph is, ideally, nothing but a paraphrase of the first paragraph, but with added language that the reader will pick up on and feel smart for understanding. It will close out with an imperative grounded in the new understanding brought forth by having read the above text. Know when to be creative, and when to be uncreative.

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