Working with people

We know that humans form bonds through shared experiences. We also know that nothing unites more than a common enemy. Further, we know that shared suffering is the basis for shared stories, which is the foundation for community building.

Based on this knowledge, we – Human Resources – have devised a team building exercise that is sure to create the efficient, tightly knit and happily productive workforce we have always aimed to create.

What we do is this: we ship off the employees to a remote island in the middle of nowhere. There, we have left scattered incoherent instructions for them to follow. Following these, they will eventually find out that there is not nearly enough food or resources for everyone, and their desperate attempt to make due with what we didn’t provide will cause them to bond in a shared struggle for survival. They will also, naturally, come to hate us for putting them there, further increasing the bonding and creation of shared experiences. A sense of community will arise naturally.

After a predetermined amount of time, they will discover that we will not bring them back from their wilderness isolation. This will force them to trek through the desolate industrial deathscape that brought us the richness we enjoy today, and they will in a similar manner come to appreciate the sacrifices made in order to take them this far. Those who persevere will be forever companions in arms, the emotional scars an eternal reminder of the sacrifices that had to be made.

Nothing is impossible for those who have done the impossible.

Best regards, better practices


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