Life lesson: lemons

“When life gives you lemons” he thought, not having the best of days. The universe, for some reason picking up on this thought, did something it does not often do. It Intervened.

Being the universe, it did it in an unexpectedly direct way. It simply gave him a lemon, right there and then. And then another one. Because “lemon” isn’t “lemons”, after all.

As with all cosmic laws, the fine print rules supreme. The intention had been to give him a couple (as in, two) lemons, and then be done with it. Laws being laws and the legislative process being the legislative process, this intention didn’t survive the translation to fine print. So what started out as two lemons turned into lemons, plural, without any particular upper limit.

Which, for our protagonist, turned into lemons. Every time he thought about them. Which he did, since he was surrounded by lemons at all times, due to constantly thinking about them.

Do not wish for lemons. Be glad life does not give you lemons. Avoid thinking about lemons. Avoid lemons.

Have a lemon.

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