The future sound of [ERROR]

He walked into the room. The local sound system, an unpatched patchwork working on the assumption that sufficient is enough, swiftly changed tunes. The algorithms did their predetermined thing, taking charge of the situation and whatever music player was playing music.

It would continue to play his theme song for an hour, or until someone changed it. He was a kind soul like that.

He pondered. It didn’t use to be like this. Computer systems used to be somewhat secure, in that you had to actually interface with them on a personal level to affect them. Sure, it might at times be as easy as changing a single setting, but you had to do it manually, by mouse and keyboard. You had to endure that moment of social anxiety it entails to use a computer you are not, by virtue of being a stranger, allowed to use. And you had to endure that moment, by virtue of computer logic, for as long as it took.

No more. Now, the internet of things combined with the security settings of the average user turned even the act of entering a building into a hacking opportunity. In his case, an opportunity to change whatever the local sound systems were on about. In other cases, more sinister things.

He pondered. What if the future held that the less sinister things were never fixed, but rather were incorporated into contemporary culture? In such a way that no one would longer object to the change of tune, but rather bash you for choosing such a cheesy way to announce your entrance?

He would have to step up his game. The Gummi Bears theme simply just would not do in the longer run.

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