Yo digital divide

The digital divide. The ancient scholars had many words to shed on the subject, but the readers of the ancient scholars tend to be as confused as anyone else when asked about it. So, to honor the blood and ink spilled to make the subject valid, I shall endeavor to unobfuscate the obfuscated and combobulate the discombobulated.


On the one side of it: those who use the syllable “yo” as a general utterance to facilitate the transition from social distance to social proximity in a given situation. That is, as an all-purpose greeting, suitable for those amorphous social settings where no formal rituals or performances are required (or, indeed, possible, due to time constraints). A social recognition of the other as a valid and accepted participant in the immediate social setting is required, but it need not be a complicated or elaborate one. A “yo” suffices.

On the other side of it: those who use and see “yo” as an integrated part of their rich and vibrant app culture, and effortlessly weave it into the tapestry of interconnected social interactions that define and construct their social identity. It is not as much a means to send a message (in this case “yo”) as it is another layer in the complex and ever changing mixture of networks that they interact with on a daily basis. It is there we find the areas of negotiation and mutual recognition, where shared values are discussed, created and confirmed. And, on occasion, reconfirmed, with an ever so subtle yo.

Well, that’s about it, really.


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