Change becomes you

We’re all done here. However, we must advise you that you will not return to the life you left. You will most likely find that the home you live in is not, emotionally, your home. This is common, usual and, rest assured, healthy. When you wake up tomorrow, you will most likely feel the need to change things, throw away old objects and alter your habits.

Do these things. It’s normal, and it is part of the reason most of our customers come to us.

We must emphasize that you will not feel quite yourself during the coming weeks and months. We removed some of your memories and their associated emotional pathways, but we did not alter your way of life up to this point. A way of life that was, in more ways than you will ever know, determined and hedged in by these memories and emotions. Most of the things you did were a result of your effort to avoid or manage what you felt or feared, and most of these things will not make sense without these emotions. You might find yourself wondering why certain things are the way they are.

Do not linger at these things. You are a new person, not limited by who you were. If certain things don’t make sense to you, it’s because they don’t. You have changed, and we encourage you to change your environment to suit you. Change becomes you.

We have, to the best of our ability, talked to those around you (as per your request and as ethics requires) about the new you. However, they remember what you don’t, and can’t be made to forget. It is only natural that you would want to find out what you have forgotten. We suggest you postpone finding out until you’ve settled into your new self. Your friends and family will understand, and will tell you everything when you are ready. There is no rush.

Should you be in need of counseling, guidance, or assistance with moving heavy furniture, feel free to give us a call.

Remember: Your new life begins now.

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