Are you sure, love?

Your true love? Yes, we have files on such things. We could look it up if you’d like – it won’t take long.

Let’s see… is there anything I should know about how you spell your name? No? Okay then, let’s find out where –


I’m not sure I should –


You sure?

Okay, if you insist. But I’m going to give you this one last chance to change your mind. One last chance to –

You’re even more sure now?

You know me, you know my work, you know what it is that I do. I am strongly urging –

Okay, okay. You’ve made your case. I’ve given you the chance. You have insisted. Here goes.

Your true love was supposed to meet you three years ago. You were supposed to spend your formative years together, building shared meanings and lives and a small but thriving community of contrarian souls resisting the calcification of modernity. Theatre would be a thing.

Yes, were supposed to.

Yes, again, were supposed to. You are grasping the implications.

There’s more. There’s also the option of not finding out.

Okay then. Don’t say I didn’t warn you.

Your true love was never born. There was an ecological disaster that killed –

You have heard enough?

I understand. And I’m also so so sorry.

A list of small drama communities and theatres close to where you live? Why, yes, we have files on such things

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