Reverse ancient traditions

Think forward. Think years forward. Think about the many coming years that are approaching, and those who will approach them with the memory of you in years past.

It’s a thoughtful.

The strangest thing about traditional thinking – that is, traditions – is that it’s a very backwards oriented process. It’s all about what the Ancients did, how they did it, why and with how much nakedness. It’s seldom about looking forward, about making sure that we as presumptive Ancients make a tradition worth thinking about.

One day we too shall die. And we’d better leave a good thing after us.

Thus, I propose this: let’s construct personal and familial traditions that are both easy and fun to enact. Gathering everyone on a faraway windy mountaintop at the crack of dawn in order to listen to the echoes of voices past is, to be honest, something of a drag, and no one really wants to go anyway. (Especially considering the last part, with the sheep and all that.) Instead, shape it like thus that your descendants can say this: hey, remember how Grandma used to stay in all day after Christmas and watch horror movies? Let’s do that too!

Those are inspiring traditions, to be sure.

Think forward. Think years forward. Think actionable traditions and forward processes.

Think of the children.

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