My tunes won’t bring milkshake

What I work with? Well, that’s an easy question. I build specialized playlists for themed restaurants!

If it’s an easy job? Well. Ask me to build one for a restaurant. Any kind. Just make one up.


Okay, when you say “Chinese”, do you mean city or rural? Coast or mainland? South or north? With or without Mongolian influences? How much should the communist regime be acknowledged? Would it be offensive to mix regional styles and –

oh, you get the point. Well, good. It’s not as complicated as it sounds, you just have to know the area. And the restaurant. Once, I built what I thought was the perfect playlist, until I visited the restaurant and realized the noise levels of the area didn’t mesh with my subtle selection. Had to redo the whole thing to make it through the ambient noise, while still remaining thematically appropriate.

yeah, you really do get to appreciate the diverse nature of local cultures. Thing is, though, that I mostly know them through music. Which is important and all, but it’s limited when taken alone. For instance, I have no idea who listens to Peruvian neofolk huayno, or if it’s even a thing in actual Peru, but I know it works well in certain urban upscale restaurants.

If we could go to one of them?

well, here’s the thing: it would either be a place I sounded, or a place someone else did. In either case, I’d be listening for mismatches and mistakes and genre fatalities, and it wouldn’t be pleasant for either of us –

a local fast food joint that pretends nothing and only plays ruthlessly unspecialised commercial radio all the time?

sure. You’re paying, though!

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