Divine edition

Suddenly, there they are. Irrefutable. Impossible to deny. All the signs are there – burning bushes, singing choirs of angels, awe-inspiring harbingers of heavenly glory, all telling you in no uncertain that this is It.

The Words of God.

After the shock and a surprisingly large number of angels have left, you notice that there are also some words of God. You notice the difference at once, not only because the Words are written on stone tablets that glow faintly in the dark, but also because the words are hastily written on a post-it note attached to one of the tablets. The words are as follows:

You are the chosen one. Take my Words and share them with the world. Moses style. Everyone must know.

No one ever told you why you were chosen, but you figure that the Almighty knows who’s who. You waste no time thinking, and begin reading the Words.

You read.

You read on.

You are slightly dismayed.

You have almost read them all.

Your face moves in mysterious ways.

You have read them all.

The Words of God are in dire need of copyediting.

You are filled with divinely conflicted feelings. On the one hand, these are the literal Words of God, and as such there is significance in everything. Scholars, politicians and ordinary people will ponder these Words for countless of hundreds of years to come, and the exact wording will have the power to change the lives of billions. These are the Words. They matter. God has spoken.

On the other hand. This simply will not do. God has a reputation, and there are proprieties to think of. Grammar has rules. This is not a matter to take lightly.

Then you remember the words. Moses style.

You set to work, knowing just what to do.

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