Nuanced strategic communication

All communication happens within a context. This statement might seem obvious, but it is worth pondering it for a moment. It means that there is no such thing as communication as such, pure communication – there is always a context to it, some prior set of conditions that needs to be understood in order for the message to make sense.

Thus, we need to be aware at all times of how we present whatever it is we intend to say. The message will intrude into a context which will, inevitably, color whatever our message happens to be. We might intend to say one thing, but our actions will intend us into a social situation where we have suddenly said too much and understood nothing at all of what we just said.

This is important. Ponder it for a minute. Figure your place in things.

Keep pondering.

You’ve done the ponder? Okay. Let’s turn our attention to how we can put this to use.

One way to put it to use is to assume that others are putting it to use. Which they are, whether they know it or not. It is a fundamental part of the ability to understand social situations, and the human mind is eerily adept at picking up even the subtlest hints and acting accordingly on them. They know what’s what and who’s who, and will figure it out soon enough by just observing your moves.

I can see that you are thinking what I’m thinking. That there is possibilities to this.

That we should go to random people’s doors, bang on them with determined enthusiasm and shout the most outlandish statements, so as to kickstart this inherent ability to understand social situations. Seeing as they will assume that we are banging and shouting with an intention of getting a message across, they will immediately conjure the most elaborate backstories for our actions. We will make sense, even though we do not make sense.

I suggest the phrase “Okay! Okay! You win! I’ll sell the rubber duck factory! But only because of the kids, you hear me?!”

Happy banging!

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