Love is an invasion

Love is an invasion. If you’ve ever experienced it, you know what this means. Anything and everything you had going on before love invaded had to make room and make way. No matter how important, no matter how urgent, no matter the matter – the invader seized the means of cognition and rejigged them for its own ends. Your opinion was not consulted, and your well-being was not an issue during the course of further internal conquest.

Thing is, though. Love is a greedy invader. It does not stop at your borders. You are but a means to an end, and that end is the one thing you can think about. The war is on, and the mobilization is total. There is no such thing as dodging this draft. You are going to cross boundaries, and you are going to invade everything there is to invade on the other side of them.

If you’ve ever been the war aim of a love campaign, you know exactly where this is going. Straight at you. At all times. Using any means necessary, until either of you break. Everything is collateral damage.

Love is an invader with a terrible sense of tactics. And strategy. And any notion of appropriate measures. And of when the victory conditions are achieved and the invading can come to a halt. It is, to be sure, the very best countermeasure against its own success. Any time you need to undermine it, just remind it that it exists.

It worries too much. And it makes you do it, too.

Worry is a call to action. That is to say, another invasion, since that is the name of the game. The worry has all to do with the profoundly impossible question of how to be sure that the Other really loves you back. There is no way of ever really knowing, yet the worry compels you to seek out signs that it is so. Using any means necessary.

The biggest undermine is that any declaration of love is meaningless unless it comes freely and without prompt. If it is coerced then the worry remains, and if it is prompted then it is merely a grammatically and socially appropriate response to the situation. It has to be freely from the self to the Other, and with the Other being in full invader mode at all times due to the very nature of the situation –


I would suggest doing something less warlike. It has better long-term prospects.

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