Past performances vs future references

As the use of time travel as a general troubleshooting device increased, more sophisticated methods of going about it were developed. As things inevitably went wrong with the comings and goings, it was soon discovered that it was far more effective to travel to five minutes before a traveler took off and tell them what they needed to know rather than to duplicate past efforts. Thus, it became habit to encounter oneself a short while before doing time.

On rare occasions, two additional selves would appear to give additional tactical information. At times, to yell at self for screwing things up so badly next time had to show up and make sure there would actually be a next time.

Time travel is confusing that way.

On rarer occasions still, multiple multiples would show up to repeat the same message. Over and over again, until the message got through. Until they got it right.

There is a legend of that one time when as many as eight selves returned to the prescene of the crime, each iteration yelling louder than the previous one. It began as a simple suggestion, but evolved into an exercise in how much the human body can emphasize something. From merely stating it, to strongly stating it, to shouting it, to employing past, present and future brute force pedagogical techniques in unrelenting ululations.

You’d think learning would happen. That some mistakes are repeated so often that learning, by virtue of sheer mass repetition, would occur automagically. At some point, the morphogenetic field would step in and say – that’s it, you’ve suffered enough, no more.

You’d be wrong.

Multiple times.

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