Soulsearching for modern people

Get in touch with your feelings! the helpful people said. So you decided to take a look. Survey the terrain. Familiarize yourself with the lay of the land. Get to know yourself.

This is what you saw:

Nothing lived there. The ground was craggy and hard to navigate due to the constant artillery shelling, and it was hard to determine what it might have looked like before the war. Bombers flew overhead, occasionally dropping their deadly payload, occasionally becoming the payload as fighters drove them screaming into the ground.

This was not a recent battle site. That is not to say it was abandoned, or that fighting had ceased. Quite the opposite. Fighting had commenced for many moons, and any hope of peace had long since died, along with the best of several generations. This was not a recent battle site, and the bodies did not linger long enough for it to become a graveyard. Neither living nor dead prevailed. Only war.

The onslaught of feelings never ceased. At all times, they threatened to overrun the understaffed ramparts. They roamed the trenches, lurked the shadows, sprung upon those caught unaware. No place promised safety. No wall could be too high. No measure could be too extreme. All that mattered was keeping them at bay. By any means necessary and possible.

As a result of this, those areas that are not constantly reformed by the eternal explosions, are desolate hellscapes where even the thought of ecology has long since perished. Succumbed to the forces atomic, (anti)biological and chemical, nothing will ever grow there. No matter how many rays of sunshine (in the form of cheerful aphorisms ) find their way there.

As you take in the details of the scene, you notice that this isn’t the only site. In fact, it is but one of many similar theaters. The battle lines stretch out for as far as your inner eyes can see, and if the strategic maps are anything to go by, the only limit to the scale of it seems to be entropy itself.

This is your inner life. These are your feelings. This is your soul.

Get in touch with your feelings! they said.

Your only rational response is: no.

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