Thus spake the Moon

The blood moon spoke. It said:


Being a prankster moon, it didn’t boom this at the world of its orbit. Rather, it boomed it into the minds of those on that very world who watched it. Discreetly but omnidirectional, as is the wont of moons everywhere.

The cultural effects didn’t materialize. Moons do not boom apocryphic messages into people’s heads, and they are definitely not prankster moons who would do such a thing just to mess with the collective heads of humanity. Thus, the cultural unity built on shared experiences which could have happened, didn’t.

Instead, the incidence of individual weirdos who thought that the moon spoke at them increased. As one might expect after such an event.

But you and I. You and I know the truth. We have heard the Words, and we know what to make of them:

Come join me for a pizza, anytime. We are alone in this world, but that is not our destiny. Bring a friend; there’s enough pizza.

Thus spake the moon.

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