All tomorrow’s parties

“There is a party in central downtown. I repeat, there is a party downtown. This is not a drill. Non-essential personnel are to report to designated evacuation areas. This is not a drill.”

It began subtly. Even before the Outbreak, get-togethers were describes as “energetic”, and words such as “vibes” and “atmosphere” were frequently used. Little did anyone suspect that these were not mere byproducts of a large number of people in a good mood at the same place, but the gestation of a new organism. To put it bluntly, the feeling described was sex, albeit nonhuman.

For a long time, nothing came of this. Then, after what has been unanimously been called “one hell of a celebration”, the first party was born. Those present described the transition as “harrowing, chilling and unforgettable”. One moment, a good time was had by all, and the next moment, all that energy condensed into a single point of space and became the first party. An autonomous entity of pure energy and sentiment, moving about at whim, doing as it pleases with wild abandon.

Causing massive damage as it progresses. Physical objects are destroyed, power sources are drained, human beings are absorbed. Nothing is sacred, no place is safe.

Thus, care is taken to exterminate these beings as soon as they manifest. Extreme care. No one wants to be caught by a party unawares.

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