The temple of positivist science

It is a well known fact that repetition is the mother of all knowledge. It is also well known that reliable reproducibility is the bedrock which positivist science rests upon. Thus, in order to safeguard this knowledge, a temple was erected.

This temple contained a sample of every study ever made. Not in full, mind, but enough to reproduce and thus prove the concept. This to ensure that the knowledge gained could be reproduced and therefore never be lost.

Despite protests, this also included the social sciences. Which lead to the complete shutdown of these sciences, as the archival requirements become too much to bear ethically. Keeping a surveyed person around in perpetuity just in case that one study needed to be reconfirmed was simply too much. Especially after it became a game among grad students to repeatedly ask the same question over and over and over again.

Thus it came to pass that the social sciences were the first of many sacrifices made at the temple of positivist science.

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