A timely horoscope


The accumulation of history is this moment. Everything that has ever happened has led to this particular state of things. The time is now.


Your habits have gradually shaped who you are. Day by day, your routine of going through the motions have led you here. The time is past.


Your preparations will soon bear fruit. Everything is aligned for that one perfect moment. The time is imminent.


Looking back on history is akin to beholding a mountain. There simply is too much to take in all at once, and the senses go numb or sublime. Time is overwhelming.


It would seem life consists only of small, disconnected fragments happening one after another, without any theme or rhyme. Time is fleeting.


Past events are synonymous with current events. The only thing that can reasonably convince you that you are not in a time loop is your gradually advancing age. There is no time.


Your attempts at finding release from your sense of being have all failed, and now you feel it in its full intensity, always. There is only time.


You have no sense of time whatsoever. You alone are free, for now. Hurry; they will come for you.


Out of all those doomed to exist until death, very few have found a way to cope as well as you do. Your time will come, but it is far off in the distance.


There is absolutely no reason to panic. Especially not now.


For a short while, cats will gravitate towards you. Be kind to them.


Help those on the run, and remind them that sometimes velocity is not equal to the distance traversed in a given period of time.

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