It follows

It is the most subtle and dangerous of enemies. It sneaks up on you unawares, and then becomes the entirety of your everything. One moment, you are a hyper-efficient productivity machine getting things done left and right, seemingly unstoppable, nothing is impossible, everything is only a matter of momentum.

Then, suddenly, bam. It all stops, and you find yourself sitting doing nothing.

It is called the Sit.

The Sit happens when you sit down, intending for it to be for only the briefest of moments, only to find that the moment extends for quite some time, and all the energy that seemingly brimmed inside you suddenly evaporated. So you remain, sitting.

It is the sneakiest of everyday occurrences. One moment is all it takes. Do not be surprised the next time it happens. Instead, resign yourself to the fact that the Sit is upon you, and that it will remain until it is over.

It might even be happening right now.

Embrace it.

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