Unsafe at any speed

Some people proclaim themselves to be security engineers, and boast how their products are impossible to beat. More experienced security engineers admit that their products can in fact be beaten, but that it would require such an extensive effort so as to be unbeatable for any real-world practical uses. Such as in the case of security doors that can be broken down, where anyone with the proper equipment to do so would already know that it would be faster to simply go around it – a door only ever being as strong as the walls surrounding it.

This little fellow, however, was not a security engineer. He was in fact the opposite: an insecurity engineer. It said so, right there on his business card.

What he did was to build things that could be beaten in very specific ways. If there was some flaw in a particular security setup, he would find it and build it. And then, being an entrepreneurial soul, sell it.

At first glance, this might seem a self-defeating proposition. But – as he is very keen on informing you – these are not the security measures you implement on your mission-critical, stupendously expensive assets. These are the security measures you use as training dummies, or for demonstration purposes.

At times, he jokes about rebranding into a car salesman. Those who know him discourage this line of thought in the strongest terms possible.

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