Moments of gratefulness

Those instances where things could have gone very differently, but didn’t due to the convergence of chance and improbably happenstance

Turns of phrase that sparked life

The times where we acted on sudden inexplicable impulses, which resulted in us finding a new life interest or a vital course of action

Those moments when we were mere inches from the abyss, but the slightest hint of a breeze made us turn away

Those liminal moments when beauty catches us unawares

The sky

Conversations where a half-remembered fact caused us to ask a question or say something that changed the trajectory to the better

Sudden bursts of energy to Power Through It

Situations which first appeared high energy, but then turned out to not be

Accidental coincidences that statistically speaking should not have happened, but thankfully did


Stray social media interactions that led to long-lasting friendships

The times we realized we’ve never actually seen what’s around a corner, and went there to see

The things that caused us to have new dreams

The myriad of instances where things wouldn’t usually, but on this particular day, they did

Forgiveness, deserved and undeserved


The times where we accidentally said just the right words to help someone out, without realizing it

The times when it happened to us

Found books, wherein we found ourselves

The days beyond this one which are still perfect

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