Grassroots forestry

“Climate change? Oh no, that’s fake. 100% made up nonsense. Hot air, if you’ll pardon the pun”

“But, why then go all in on solving it? Wouldn’t that be a waste of resources?”

“One might think, but we actually gain a lot from the efforts. Being more energy efficient is better in general, and figuring out large scale ecological processes will help us grow better food. Good stuff. But the best part is political”

“Political? How so?”

“See, people get together and perform remarkable feats when they are threatened by external forces. Throughout history, these external forces have often been other people, which caused war and genocide and all kinds of mayhem. By focusing everyone’s attention on a non-human threat, we avoid a lot of potential future repetitions of these tendencies. And get better peacetime tech, too”

“So what you are saying is that solving climate change would be a victory, even if the whole thing is made up?”

“The distinction between trees and forests is more subtle than you’d think. Truly, it is a beautiful world we live in”

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