Just in time logistics

It had been a long ride to the interview. Traffic, rain, GPS giving wrong directions, roadworks, stray cattle, a train intersection remaining closed for an extended period of time (possibly related to the stray cattle), more traffic, more rain, no coffee

No breakfast, either. It was one of those mornings. The only way forward was to power through it. Unless “it” is cattle; it was not that kind of morning just quite yet

And then, suddenly, he arrived. The automatic doors opened, the receptionist politely nodded directions, the strangely colorless (yet tasteful) wallpaper flew past as he hurried past on his way to only being tastefully late

They were all there, smiling, understanding, yeah, cattle, it happens in these parts. No worries. Let’s just all take a deep breath to collect ourselves before the interview proper starts, no hurry

Deep breaths were taken. Worries were noped

And then it was time for the first question. Worries were quickly unnoped in anticipation, and then it came:

“Time zones”

That was it, not even a question mark. Apparently, it was his turn to talk


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