The sum of all nostalgia

Out of the blue, she was struck by a sense of nostalgia. Emboldened, she threw caution and deadlines to the wind and installed it, the game that had occupied her so many hours back in the days. She double-clicked the install icon, and

It did not start

Remembering this part, she knew she had a CD with fixes to this very problem on it somewhere. The hunt was on. When she found it, she realized that her new computer did not have a CD player. No biggie, she had a spare one of those somewhere too. Which should have just worked after being plugged in, but didn’t, so it had to be troubleshot (for both cables and drivers) for a couple of hours before finally spinning up. But she did, and it did. Thus, finally having installed the game, she double-clicked the desktop icon, and

It did not start

Right, patches. There was one that made the whole thing work post-DOS. After an amazing number of dead links in mausoleums thinly disguised as forums, she finally found the necessary files and applied the update. Thus, finally, several hours in and only just now able to start the game, did she realize

This was the true nostalgic experience all along

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