An intermediary horoscope


Cats gravitate towards you


There will be a preponderance of spiders. You are advised to as much as possible move around them, and to avoid their central hub for the time being if it happened to spawn near your residence


This is not a place of honor. Unless you are a bear. The bears have made it their home. They are very proud of it. Steer clear


Get on the train. This offer will only be valid once. This is not a drill


For about five hours, the world will operate according to Shadowrun rules. If you happen to become an elf during this time, know that it is only temporary, and that you therefore should explore every avenue before they evaporate


No gods, no master, only genders


Allow the birds to take you where you need to go. They do not know where it is, but will take you there. Go. Go now


You will host a party. It will be a mild party. Like Prophet of the Mormon Church mild. To your utter surprise, it will not be completely awful


The snakes have abandoned you. Based on your decisions up to this point, you should either enjoy the reprieve or slither really really fast


You asked if we are there yet. Yes. Yes we are


At journey’s end you shall not be as you are nor may you turn back the way you have come. The times ahead of you will be filled with hardship and many times you will believe yourself far less significant than you truly are. In the days to come, you may stand at a critical juncture between Rythar and Mythar and if that comes to pass you should know this: A time comes for all things to die


No one actually said you can’t become a catgirl, you know. It is an option that is available in the game of life. They just hide it behind other, less interesting prospects

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