A list of 26 genders

AAAB: assigned aardvark at birth. Shine on you crazy diamond
ABAB: assigned blunderbuss at birth. Fond of Vengaboys
ACAB: truer words were never spoken
ADAB: assigned database at birth. Nervous when moving house
AEAB: assigned _ebook at birth. It will remember your every word
AFAB: assigned feline at birth. Could transition to other genders at any point
AGAB: assigned glitter at birth. Likely to work in opsec
AHAB: talk not to me of blasphemy, man; squeeze, squeeze!
AIAB: assigned interstellar space station at birth. Not sure how that happened
AJAB: grants immunity to diseases. Should be taken regularly
AKAB: assembled keyboard at birth. Fond of pushing your buttons
ALAB: a good boye of indeterminate gender
AMAB: queen of air and darkness. Always be polite, but don’t make deals with the Fae
ANAB: assigned neko at birth. Not to be confused with AFAB, who also gets a neko at birth
AOAB: assigned onomatopoeia at birth. Just what it sounds like
APAB: assigned prosopopoeia at birth. Always beside themselves
AQAB: assigned Quintilian at birth. Our educational system is weird sometimes
ARAB: assigned renderer at birth. Can switch between 2D, 3D and 4D at will
ASAB: assigned signature move at birth. Will be revealed to them on their 18th birthday
ATAB: rarely seen in the singular
AUAB: assigned ult at birth. Will be revealed to them on their 18th birthday
AVAB: assigned vim at birth. Never quits
AWAB: assigned worker’s rights at birth. Willing to share
AXAB: assigned xylophone at birth. It’s one of the most important words in existence
AYAB: assigned yonder at birth. Always looking out over the horizon
AZAB: assigned zebra at birth. Questions the wisdom of assigning these things at birth

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